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Osaka Angklung Club Angklung is an indonesian traditional musical instrument made of bamboo. A different way to introduce this, to most people, odd instrument would be to say that music, on the Angklung, is not played but shaken to the audience. Come see what it is all about on Sunday at Ougimachi Park.

Tender and Paul
Hi , we are Tender and Paul a performing duo act based in Kobe,Japan WE perform all over japan jamming anything from funk to jazz, rock , reggae , pop , lounge , alternative( becuz Paul is that good) and originals .
Tender is a mixed breed ( Japanese /American) singer/songwriter with a folky/ alernative simplictic sound . (I write all my songs on guitar with my limited guitar skills)
Paul is a laid back Kiwi, multi instrumentalist and brings all the songs to life . He also composes and writes as well .
Our first CD ( a home studio demo recording ) lends from these sounds and more . Check out new Album on the way soon .

Dank and the Skeezer Pleezer
Dank and the Skeezer Pleezer are the legendary Osaka blues/rock duo of Dan Kane and Deron Reynolds. They will knock you down, rock you up and make your feet move with their renditions of soulful blues, rock and favorites from all ages of music. 

The Hippies ザ ヒッピーズ
Be prepare for "ROCK 'n ROLL" and get JUMBO from THE HIPPIES..
Get the video clip from YouTube
The HIPPIES is a band with quality and full of luck..
Our genre is. . . . who cares.. we're having FUN with our own kinda music..

Members of the band:
Vocal : Iput
Vocal : Ratih Tahier
Guitar : Sang Aji
Bass : Ronnie
Drum : Tranz

Just be prepared for The HIPPIES will ya...!!!

A HUNDRED BIRDS is a dance music unit led by producer/conductor Yoku, based in Tokyo, Japan. In 2001, Wave Music released the A HUNDRED BIRDS single BATONGA, which Japan's largest record shop reported as the second biggest seller that year after Daft Punk. The group performs AHB original tracks along with arranged renditions of favorite dance tracks. Some of our past performances have featured ORCHESTRAL VERSIONS of classics like "Love is the Message" to powerful interpretations of "Knight of the Jaguar", "Black Water" and even the recent MAW remix of Earth, Wind & Fire's "You Can't Hide Love". The melodies are filled with pure rays of sunshine and the spirit and vibe of each mix should easily work for anyone who is a fan of releases from artists such as Joe Claussell, Jay Denes and DJ Gregory.

KAJA a long time player on the Osaka reggae scene. In 1984 he formed Kaja & Jammin’, a project that still stands now 27 years later. In addition to recording and performing with Kaja & Jammin’, he composes theme songs for TV etc. Kaja, a charismatic reggae singer who performs around 200 shows per year, is not to be missed!

AFNICA formed in 2007, enjoys a busy schedule performing and composing already from the start. A band difficult to categorize, it draws influence from a variety of genres such as Jazz/Rock/Reggae. Already in the first year of existence, the band gets media attention from both radio and magazines. With the exposure follows bookings for various festivals where they make lasting impressions on audiences and fellow musician colleagues.

Kris Roche A sunny day at the Boston Public Gardens are a home to many things, tourists, Swan Boats, Italian Ice and the music of Kris Roche. The son of wayfaring hippies, one from New York, and one from Tokyo, Kris moved to Boston at age 19 and has been making a name for himself ever since. One part Jason Mraz, one part Jack Johnson, and one part playing his heart out on the guitar like it was a djembe drum, his music is fun but sensible, sing‐along‐able but honest. Performing on the streets as well as in many venues across the East coast, Kris’ fan base continues to grow rapidly through his grass roots, do‐it‐yourself approach and by cultivating strong relationships with his supporters. One search of “Kris Roche” on Youtube yields numerous videos of him making music for passersby.

In a short time, Kris has journeyed from the parks of Boston to famous venues all around New York, from the Bitter End, the Living Room, and even Carnegie Hall. His debut EP Anything But Alone and his full‐length acoustic album Tales of Bufflebear are filled with songs that tell us how he got there. But most importantly, Kris’ music lets us know that despite his strong start, he is just getting warmed up.

“I feel like I’m a fly on the wall of a French Riviera dance club. The songs are light and refreshing like Jack Johnson with an edge but also very danceable; it’s hard to not let this music get you moving.” — What’s Up Magazine

Steve Hanuman Producer/Writer/Pianist/Vocalist & Jazz Trumpet Player, Steve Hanuman grew up in Wilmington, Delaware, which is a suburb of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. He graduated from the University of Miami School of Music, an insitution recognized as one of the top three Jazz music colleges in America.

Steve Hanuman has performed or recorded as jazz trumpet soloist with many well known artists including Jaco Pastorius, Tony Bennett, Dave Liebman (Miles Davis Quartet), Bob James, Burt Bacharach, Rick Margitza, Any Snitzer (Saxophonist for The Rolling Stones and Paul Simon), Jorge Casas and Clay Ostwald (Gloria Estefan’s Miami Sound Machine), Tim Mitchell (Musical director for Shakira) and Bruce Kulick (Lead guitarist for rock band Kiss). Live performances include being a featured trumpet soloist at Montreux Jazz Festival and North Sea Jazz in Europe.

As a Songwriter/ Producer, Mr. Hanuman has written and produced numerous Artists Cd's including work for Warner Brothers records in Los Angeles, California. Some of his Production work is featured in the Warner Brothers movie "Deliver Us from Eva" featuring the Rap Icon "LL Cool J".

Alicia Saldenha (pronounced sal-dáy-nya) was born in the Republic of Trinidad and Tobago. She started singing and dancing from early childhood, then toured the Caribbean and the United States as a teenager in several musical productions.

While attending university in the United Kingdom, Alicia quickly fell in love with jazz and changed her musical direction. Alicia has since performed throughout Europe and Japan, with appearances at the Blue Note, Osaka, the Nice Jazz Festival, France, with George Clinton and the P-Funks, as well as at the Umbria Jazz Festival, Italy. She has also performed with legendary jazz steel drummer, Othello Molineaux, during his Japan tours.

As a soul singer-songwriter and bandleader, Alicia Saldenha performs with her band throughout Japan. The shows are dynamic, featuring original as well as classic soul, jazz, funk and reggae.

She increasingly collaborates with top Japanese and international artists, such as Japan's nu jazz band, indigo jam unit, and legendary funk bassist and founding member of the Headhunters, Paul Jackson.

Alicia Saldenha is also a scholar and an educator, having obtained a Doctorate (PhD) in Culture and Civilization Sciences from Kobe University. She is currently working on her debut album of funky-soul originals, recorded in New York City with some of the finest musicians, set for release late 2011. Stay tuned!