About Us

Earthquakes are unfortunately a frequent phenomenon and recent tragedies
include Indonesia, Thailand, Sri Lanka, Haiti, New Zealand and now Japan to
name a few. ‘Two Hands Relief Project’ was sprung out of not only the need to
lend a helping hand to disaster stricken areas, but also from mutual
understanding and sharing of the same kind of sorrow and suffering.
The feeling of helplessness in situations as these is something most of us can
relate to. However, all we need to help share the burden with stricken people
and areas is mind and body, hence ‘Two Hands Relief Project’
Anders Rasmussen
Joey Parker
Sara Ai Coe
Teguh Setia Anugeraha
Risa Umeda
Takayoshi Yoshida
Administrative Home:
Two Hands Relief Project @ Osaka - Prolinea Intermedia Promotions Inc.
1-11-15 Minamihorie
9Fl Minamihorie Saiki Bldg
Nishi-ku  〒550-0015

Tel: 06-6534-0077